Hospital (2020)

Hospital (aka untitled project) is a horror sidescroller completed up to a rough demo.
You play as a patient who enters a distorted reality of their hospital every night, where the only way out seems to be through the lone elevator forcing you lower into the hospital’s depths.
I was in charge of creating the art and animation while programming and design was done by Alexis Urbaine-Racine.

I designed and drew assets for a few areas of the hospital. I implemented the artwork in Unity for my teammate’s level layout.

Two enemies were designed and animated for the demo level.

I wanted them to have a clear hierarchy in terms of complexity and difficulty to combat.

The demo level features a simple hallway to teach the player stealth and combat mechanics.

Enemies from concept to in-game.
Hospital room.
Office area.

Early Concepts

Genre mockup as a pixel sidescroller.
Genre mockup as a visual novel with survival mechanics.
The very first mood piece that sets the atmosphere and monochromatic color scheme.